Story Behind to Start SastaSunadar |SastaSundar Initial Strategy to Grab the Market | Interview with Mr. B L Mittal Founder of SastaSunadar Real-life Success Story

SastaSundar launched on January 14, 2014, as an e-pharmacy, at an investment of Rs 150 crore with a team of 10-12 members this team size is in 2020 is more than 3500.

At the initial stage, SastaSundar is getting monthly orders of around 300 now in this month of April to June SastaSundar delivered around 18 Lacs order.

Here we had an interview with Mr. B L Mittal Founder of SastaSunadar where he shares his real-life story to start SastaSunadar.

He shares great advice that most people think if anyone doing business that means he is taking a risk. But it doesn’t mean that it’s necessary to take risks for the business.

A real business man never take risk to do a business. He will know how to manage that risk.

Today Sastasundar is a well-known name in the digital network of healthcare in India.

But do you know how this name SastaSundar comes up?

When we ask this question to Mr. Mittal he said, “SastaSundar is an Indian Proverbs Sasta + Sundaram. Where Sasta means Affordable and Sundaram means High Quality”.

So, that’s why SastaSundar comes to deliver high-quality products to Indian households at an affordable price.

Why SastaSundar Started?

Every successful business starts with a purpose to solve some exciting problems and similarly, SastaSundar has its own purpose to start.

The main purpose to start SastaSundar is to deliver health care products to the Indian people who needed it but can’t afford it. Here SastaSundar comes with high-quality products at affordable prices.

What Strategy SastaSundar use to grab the market?

SastaSundar made chains of health buddies, shops, or local people that took orders from the customers, and then the medicines were then delivered to the doorstep of the customers at a discounted price.

Why this Health buddies SastaSundar launched?

It’s very simple, people who not have access to the internet but need medicine in discounted price they contact the nearest health buddy or they can give their nearest health buddy store and give their order then all the orders come to a centralized hub and from that centralized hub orders deliver to the health buddy and from that health buddy to the final customers.

So, what after that once you purchase medicine from SastaSundar?

Once you purchase medicine from SastaSundar they record your prescription. They will remind you from time to time to take medicine and maintain your health record digitally.

So, you’ll never loose your prescription with SastaSundar.

Not only SastaSundar maintain your health record but also they will send you health-related articles, diet charts, etc. to improve your lifestyle and diet.

Mr. B L Mittal advice to the Upcoming Startups

Any startup when you make a business plane make multiple steps of management.

If 1st one is not work then you need to use the 2nd one is also not work then there was a 3rd option, and that’s how startups need to make a proper management and keep patience nothing is possible is over night.

You need to keep your efforts.

Success and Failure both are our part of life and here 50% is our efforts and 50% is our destiny.

Success is not only acceptance of your success but acceptance of your failure is also a part of your success.

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