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Routing Box – The Ultimate Guide to the Right NEMT Software

Do you need clarification about which NEMT software is the best? This blog unleashes the top NEMT software that provides all the medical services a patient needs. Discover NEMT software pricing, features, and benefits.

NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) is the top transportation service provided to patients with disabilities, abnormalities, or chronic injuries. These services are provided through software that is transparent to the patient and the doctors. Any action that took place can be visible to both parties. In addition, NEMT hires trained drivers who are licensed and trained well. These drivers are taught the basics of health care so that they can handle the condition of the patient while driving.


Before NEMT, it was hard for patients to travel to the hospitals on local buses. They had to wait in line to get the local buses and sometimes they missed their appointments. However, since NEMT was introduced, the patient is independent and can travel by just booking a ride through the software. Despite that, the software is user-friendly and can be used by anyone. This software helps you choose the available rides and schedule the trips. As the ride is auto-scheduled, an alert is sent to the patient to acknowledge them. However, the patient can change the timing of the ride, replace it, or cancel it, if needed.

If you are looking for the best NEMT software, you can choose RoutingBox. This NEMT software provides you with all the major features that are needed. These features include:

  1. Live GPS Tracking
  2. Auto-Scheduling
  3. Billing (Electronic Signature)
  4. Medical Services
  5. Route Optimization
  6. Contact Driver and Brokers
  7. Comprehensive Database

To get these services you have to check their application that provides different services.

Dispatching Software

This software allows patients to connect with the driver and communicate with them through this application. Moreover, the software helps eliminate miscommunication with the driver and helps the patient to make real-time decisions.

Scheduling Software

This software will allow you to select the available ride and schedule an appointment for yourself. The ride that is booked through this software will allow you to have an optimized trip. An optimized trip will allow you to save money time, and cost. Therefore, as you schedule an appointment the ride is optimized automatically for an efficient trip.

Driver Software

This software will provide you with the live location of the driver. Also, it helps reduce errors in the trip due to communication. Driver software is for the driver that has real-time information regarding the client which helps him to provide an efficient trip experience.

How to scale your NEMT business?

In the last few years, many competitive NEMT businesses have noticed in the market. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your NEMT business up to date. Scaling the business high involves a few activities that will allow the business to rank. Following are a few activities that you can try to rank your NEMT business:

Identify The Problem Areas

Scheduling and dispatching are the main elements of NEMT software. You need to consider the problems that are noticed while scheduling a trip. In addition, you also need to find the reasons behind why the clients are canceling the rides. Try to fill that gap to provide better services. Consider checking the vehicles and driver’s reports to check where the problem is.

Improve Staff Management

While you hire the staff, ensure that the driver has a license, training, and other essential supporting documents regarding experience. This will allow you to provide efficient and safe driving services to the patient. If the driver is not trained enough, he or she should be removed immediately or should be trained.

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Vehicle Maintenace

It is necessary to check if the vehicles need to be repaired or if maintenance is needed. Therefore, make sure you review the breakdowns and mountainous fleets. While considering all these factors make sure you keep an eye on the skating. If it improves, make sure you determine which factor has played a major role in doing it.

Technology Investment

Investing in the technology is a must to improve the overall business of the NEMT software. Therefore, if there are lack of facilities in the companies, then invest money to overcome those gaps. The best place to invest money is on the HR management, invoicing, and billing fleet to improve the scheduling and dispatching features.

Furthermore, foreseeing is also one of the most important to bring rapid growth to the business. Before you invest, make a map that represents where your company stands right now. Then, you need to fill those gaps by following different practical strategies. To stay in competition, it is important to do something unique. It will help you stand out.

What is NEMT Software Pricing?

If you want to set up a business for NEMT, is important to purchase everything who;e saving money at the same time. First, when you start a business your profit will be less but as time passes you will receive a huge amount of profit. The average amount you need to start a NEMT business is $350’000 which includes all the essential expenditures. The first thing you need is the registration fee for this business which would be around $75. Then you will get the license for $5000. Further, you would need $100’000 to hire a facility. Therefore now you need to purchase the furniture and other operations which would cost you around $10’000. You also need $50’000 for the initial 3-month salary of the facility. Lastly, you need almost $150’000 to purchase an ambulance, which is compulsory.

The NEMT software pricing may vary from service to service. If the client asks for a simple ride without medical services then the ride will cost you less. But if the client requests a wheelchair or a stretcher, then it might have a high cost. Therefore, the NEMT software pricing can be too high or too high depending on the services the client requests.

Benefits of NEMT Software

The following are the benefits of NEMT software:

Efficient Scheduling and Dispatching

Nemt provides you with the best traveling experience by offering you an optimized route. They allow you to schedule your trip in just one click. However, the trip that the client schedules will be optimized, which will avoid the waste of time and money.

Better Vehicle Service

NEMT provides you with better vehicle service by providing you with a real-time tracking system. In addition, it provides you with an updated manifest and accurate compliance which will help to improve the experience of clients. It also empowers the call-takers to view patient’s information including limitations and modifiers to make better decisions.


Nemt software is a user-friendly software that will allow the client to use it easily. It has easy-to-follow maps and menus that can be operated by all the clients. Also, they have well-defined and simplified processes that improve overall experience.

Billing and Claims

Nemt offers the best billing and claims facility. Billing is the most critical factor in the NEMT business. However, this software ensures you pay for the ride after your trip is completed. After you pay the bill, it is automatically updated in the system for the record.

Advantages of NEMT Reporting Software

The most crucial feature of NEMT software is reporting. The software should take a report of every action that has occurred to keep in the record. This reporting helps improve efficiency by improving scheduling, dispatching, and routing processes. In addition, it also increases accuracy by reducing the risk of human errors by ensuring that the critical information is captured accurately. The report will help the companies to improve communication with patients healthcare providers and other stakeholders.

Reporting software enhance safety by helping the providers monitor driver’s behavior and vehicle maintenance. Therefore, by collecting and analyzing data,  this software will help you the provider to identify the areas that need to be improved. You can customize the reporting screen by creating user group-specific screen configurations. Also, you can change the order or copy screen configuration to other groups.


Nemt software is the best medical transportation service a client can get. While choosing the software, ensure that this software offers the latest features. If you want to get better transportation experience and medical services then try RoutingBox. This software has all updated features that will provide you with safe and efficient transportation.

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