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Empowering Women in the Customs and Shipping Industry: A Milestone Committee Meeting

The 6th of December 2023 marked a significant stride in the realm of the Calcutta Custom House Agents Association as they convened their inaugural committee meeting for the Women’s Wing under the Presidency of Mr. Farid Zamal, Hon’ble Secretary-Mr. Ali Haider and Dr. Subhra Koley Sub-Committee Chairman of Women, Youth and Education Empowerment. This groundbreaking event gathered over 18 influential women hailing from diverse backgrounds within the customs and shipping industry. Representatives from various fields, including Container Freight Stations (CFS), Freight Forwarders, Owners of Custom Brokerage Firms, and Shipping Companies, graced this momentous occasion with their presence.

The meeting presided by CCHAA President Mr. Farid Zamal along with Vice President -Mr. Ashish Koley, Secretary-Mr. Ali Haider, Treasurer – Mr. Prithis Biswas & Sub-Committee Chairman of Women, Youth and Education Empowerment – Dr. Subhra Koley.

According to Dr Subhra Koley, Chairman Sub-committee- “she has been given charge to execute the same with an objective to attract more young blood in this Trade, to get a fresh energy & idea, as well as to spread the knowledge among the ground staffs & executives of CHAs to enable them to qualify G card & F card examinations in our YOUTH AND EDU EMPOWER SEGMENT.

The formation of the Women’s Wing within the Calcutta Custom House Agents Association underscore a pivotal shift. This initiative stands as a testament to the acknowledgment and recognition of the invaluable contributions women make to the logistics sector.

The presence of women from multifaceted domains within the industry highlighted the diversity of expertise and experiences they bring to the table. Their collective presence exemplified the convergence of skill sets, knowledge, and insights, each contributing a unique perspective vital for shaping the future of the industry.

The committee meeting served as a platform for these trailblazing women to discuss a myriad of pertinent issues and challenges faced by the women in this sector. It provided an opportunity for open dialogue, where ideas were exchanged, and strategies were formulated to address existing obstacles and harness untapped potential within the industry.

One of the paramount objectives of the Women’s Wing is to foster an environment conducive to the professional growth and development of women in the industry. Discussions during the meeting centered on initiatives aimed at providing mentorship programs, skill enhancement workshops, and networking opportunities tailored to empower women within the industry. The emphasis was on creating avenues for career advancement, enabling women to ascend to leadership roles and break through the glass ceiling.

Furthermore, the committee meeting laid the groundwork for collaborative efforts among women across different sectors. The synergy resulting from this collaboration is poised to drive innovation, improve industry practices, and promote inclusivity.

The significance of this inaugural meeting extends beyond its immediate impact. It signifies a paradigm shift in the industry’s mindset, where inclusivity and gender equality are not just buzzwords but concrete actions embraced and championed by industry leaders.

The Calcutta Custom House Agents Association’s proactive approach in establishing the Women’s Wing sets a precedent for other industry bodies to follow suit. It highlights the importance of creating spaces where women’s voices are not only heard but also actively integrated into decision-making processes that shape the industry’s trajectory.

As the curtains closed on this momentous event, the echoes of empowerment and solidarity reverberated through the room. The Women’s Wing of the Calcutta Custom House Agents Association emerged as a beacon of hope, symbolizing a future where women in the customs and shipping industry stand shoulder to shoulder, driving progress, and shaping a more inclusive and equitable landscape for all.

In conclusion, the inaugural committee meeting of the Women’s Wing stands as a testament to the industry’s commitment to fostering diversity, inclusivity, and empowerment of Women & Youth.

It marks the beginning of a transformative journey that promises to redefine norms and pave the way for a more equitable and progressive Logistics sector.

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