‘Habbit’ a learning startup raises $320K

Amidst the pandemic educational Institute faces a tremendous change in the total asymmetry of the learning sector, for every student around the globe. All the virtual mediums such as Zoom and Google Meets emerged for a better learning process for students. The right interaction between the student and teacher was widely lacking.

During the pandemic, a huge initiative was taken for making the education process better. The skills and hobbies were mostly dejected. People needed a virtual medium to carry on, develop their skills, and entertain their hobbies.

How ‘Habbit’ a learning platform emerged during Covid-19?

It was the time to grab the opportunity to fill the gap of lacking interaction between the student and the teacher for skills and hobbies. This is what Raghav Goyal and Somnath Sandeep brought forward, they introduced ‘Habbit’. An interactive online learning platform for new-age digital skills and hobbies. Now, the experimental learning platform ‘Habbit’ has raised $320K in their pre-seed round. Using funds to grow their community for their current users and the members for developing their project. Somnath Sandeep and Raghav Goyal, the alumni of BITS Pilani, with an objective to conduct passionate mentors and students together for live mentorship, engaging learning experience, and building a community. Found this platform last year in September 2020.

Reasons behind this startup

The two co-founders created a ‘Habbit’ to help individuals to upskill and to support existing monetization and becoming micro-entrepreneurs. They encouraged people to have a hobby and habit to develop meaningful results to give a break from their daily hustle.

Here, learners get the opportunity for one-to-one tutoring, a more personalized experience, and the co-founder of Habbit, Somnath Sandeep said, “In a world full of content and consumption, what is scarce is engagement and interaction through live mentorship and community. We have seen increasing validation for our business model and overwhelming adoption from our learners to immerse themselves in our lives learning experience and communities, especially college students, working professionals, and homemakers. In just three months of full-fledged product launch, we have expanded our community to 5000+ learners and conducted 400+ learning sessions. We couldn’t ask for better partners than our current investors who have tremendous experience and strategic vision. The new investments will primarily accelerate product development, expanding our content, and creator base to cover unique learning experiences for our learners”

‘Habbit’s’ existing courses 42 skills are under 7 categories. Including music, designing games, art, dance, fitness, and gardening. In the upcoming months, the startup is planning to bring learning experience in a new age digital scale introducing photography, self-care, culinary arts. To date, this new learning platform has gained 5000 plus learners. Has conducted over 400 learning sessions.

Raising funding during the pre-seed round

This new initiative to raise $ 320k funds has outstruck the masses. The number of funds raised for the projects aimed optimistically for further development of the community. The story of providing a virtual medium for people looking to learn new skills and hobbies is fascinating in itself.

It was the right measure right time. Amidst, the pandemic where masses grew long with their stagnant time. ‘Habbit’ stood out to and offered them a personalized connection. That no other medium was serving in India.

Raising $320k funds is highly optimistic. With the right strategy and compelling delivery to the learners, this project will grow high in the dominant market.

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