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Google and Apple put limitations for new app Developers

Google Play Store on app Store core elements of any Android or Apple phone. It puts limitations for the users to download the apps and showing not to let users download apps from other mediums rather than their respective platform. This has been a great pain point for various startup companies. A huge chunk of the commission has limited the desire to reach out to a range of users they ought to pay to Google and Apple to work inside their app hub.

Now, the Indian digital form is bringing a petition to the government against these global giants such as Google and Apple from insisting on the use of their proprietary payment system and consistently charging a commission of 30% for purchases made on their digital app stores that means Google Play stores and Apple app stores.

Protest against the Tech-giants

 An alliance of digital India foundation comprising 350 members including Paytm, GOQii, Innov8, Bharat matrimony is protesting against Google’s move to impose a huge commission for a startup or any other app in their Play Store.

The chief executive of Bharat Matrimony has recently mentioned the ET” (Indian) companies are planning to approach the government to bring in law like South Korea, Google and Apple are misusing their monopoly and it is hurting the startup ecosystem,”

Regarded as the global first South Korea parliament-approved legislation for banning technology platforms like Apple and Google from forcing new developers and organizations to only use their platforms for building systems. Till now Google and Apple have not responded to the ET queries hence the protest against these tech giants rises.

Although the Indian government is limiting itself from entering this matter. This issue is in direct relation to private organizations that are driven by making a profit. However, if we use government-owned apps to offer fair competition to new and local app developers to escape the monopolistic policies of these tech giants. 

Do the new tweaks, provide some advantages?

With the protest raising, Apple finally assuaged the concerns of the startup or local app developers globally and made a conscious decision to allow companies to communicate with their users through alternative measures of payment.

But Google has not shifted its policies completely. They seem to tweak adjustments just to seek their way from getting banned. They have created a new policy mentioning that apps with a revenue of over 1 million dollars will have to pay 30% commission but the other app developers require to pay 15%.

Although this week has brought a slight change, it still does not solve the problem.

A global push, demanding a conclusion

Now new initiatives by, Sijo Kuruvilla George the executive director of ADIF to engage with the government on heated issues for generating a case for regulation similar to Korea’s regulatory strike.

This intervention by ADIF has led to India’s anti-trust regulation which is CCI (Competition Commission of India) To investigate this matter.

This has become a global push as now the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has demanded a regulation against these tech giants for changing the digital payment method of Google, Apple, and also WeChat. ADIF has admitted to debate on this matter until getting the optimum agreement. Since we understand, it will leverage start-up developers to seek their way from the high commission and finally find their optimum users with no hustle.

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