PFDs must be worn at all times while on board a vessel, PFDs stands for personal flotation devices 

PFDs are difficult to put on once you are in the water, so it is important to be proactive and wear one at all time

In most fatal accidents, PFDs were on board but were not in use or were not within easy reach

If you find yourself in the water without a PFD, immediately retrieve a floating PFD and put it on.

The best time to wear a PFD is before you get in the water

you will already have your PFD on and will be more likely to stay afloat

A PFD must be U.S. Coast Guard-approved, in good and serviceable condition, and of the proper size for the individual wearing it 

There are five different types of PFDs: Type I, Type II, Type III, Type IV, and Type V

A Type 3 PFD is a personal flotation device that is intended for use in open water or rough water conditions