Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper had a "real spark" couple

Once Rumours Spread That Lady Gaga & Jennifer Aniston Were Fighting Over Bradley Cooper

Many rumours that exist about celebrities, one that caught our attention was Jennifer Aniston and Lady Gaga fighting over Bradley Cooper

Jennifer Aniston and The Bradley Cooper dated each other briefly back in 2009

Their relationship didn’t last long, they always remained friendly

Another rumour that spread around the actor and his A Star is Born co-star Lady Gaga  were more than just friends

when Bradley Cooper broke up with Irina Shayk three years ago, reports suggested that Lady Gaga was confident

Lady Gaga  and Cooper would get together after his split with Shayk

It was said that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper had a “real spark” while they were working on A Star is Born

The pop singer lost her cool when she found out that Jennifer Aniston is also trying to pursue the American Sniper actor