Who Are The Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs In 2021?

Theresa Depasquale : The CEO and Founder of Capture Social Group, Started Her Career as a Fitness Expert.

Julia Wang : In Texas Julia has highest Rreal Estate License, Also the Inaugurator & Broker of NextGen Real Estate. 

Rossanna Ceccato : She founded Redress in the Year 2019. It is a Unruly Clothing Platform Where Users Can Exchange their Rarely Used Cloths with new Clothes.  

DJ Viva : By using her Co Founded music Label DJ Viva has Released music to all Major music Platforms, She is a professional singer & DJ, Music producer 

Entin Gartini  : She has presented master piece & unique design in every fashion show. She got the best fashion designer award in 2021 

Jess Hughes : Jess Hughes is a founder of popular boutique  pilates, Her leadership skill is now reached 3 locations within 6 years.  

Karol parel walsh : She is an Motivation Speaker her Main Motive is to help Women to Build their Own Brand 

 Kelly Carter : Kelly is a nutritional practitioner. She don’t belive in short term diet plan for losing weight she belives human body needs different types of nutrition