Tata steelworks collaborate with more than 30 startup

Tata Steel Limited is one of the most prominent names that pop up in everyone’s mind regarding steel producers 

About 80,500 employees worldwide across 26 countries, The company Produces 34 million Tonnes of Crude Steel Annually

Tata steels had generated a consolidated turnover of USD 19.7 billion 

Sarajit Jha Said  “It is essential that we work with a startup with the ambition, appetite & depth of capabilities to service us”

Tata Steel has collaborated with two startups. This includes Aarav Unmanned Systems 

A Drone Technology Startup & Maximl, a SAAS Enterprise Startup 

Startups are Getting the chance to grab the attention of Mr. Tata regarding the investment project with just a mail

With an Agile model to Support their Businesses, Startups are a better chance of collaborating with the world’s second most diversified steel marketer  

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