The Crown Season 5 is all set to Arrive next Month  The long-Awaited part Five Returns With A New Cast

A trailer of  The Crown's Season 5 has now been released

The new Trailer takes us Through The Timeline that will Include the Separation of   Princess Diana & Prince Charles  in the fifth season

It also takes a look at the Royal family's most Turbulent years as The Family Battles through a Series of Events

In the trailer, we also see Staunton's Queen Elizabeth Staring at the Raging Fire Consuming Windsor Castle

There's also an interesting exchange between the Queen & Prince Charles, where the Latter is seen talking about the necessity of a modern monarchy

The trailer also shows Prince Charles and Camilla's Romance Including a Kiss Scene

At another Point, The Two  are also seen Sharing a Kiss  While Watching Firework

The trailer features a clip for the controversial 1995 interview as Debicki seated across the journalist

What are Your Thoughts on  The Crown's Season 5 Trailer?