Morbius is a 2022 American Superhero film based on the Marvel Comics Character  of the Same Name

In the film, Morbius & his surrogate brother Milo become living Vampires after curing themselves of a Rare Blood Disease

The film was a Box-Office Bomb and Just Grossed $163 Million Worldwide

Due to the Poor Critical and Commercial Reception, it became the Subject of Various Internet Memes

Due to its lackluster box office performance and dour critical reception, Morbius inspired various internet memes.

The film received a resurgence in internet memes following its release to video on demand, with many involving the fake catchphrase

A large number of channels on the live-streaming service Twitch began illegally hosting the entire film on repeat;

There were several attempts to bring Morbius to the big screen since 1998, including joining the Blade franchise

Filming was confirmed to have been completed by June 2019, with reshoots happening in Los Angeles the following February

Work on the film began at the end of the year with further casting, ahead of production starting in London in February 2019