How do you get uneven eyebrows?   

This can be done with a pair of Tweezers or an Eyebrow Razor, Another way Waxed or Threaded

Few ways to Fix Uneven Eyebrows, Use Makeup to Even Them Out, You can Pluck or Wax Them to Make look More Even. 

How do I make My Eyebrows Even?  

Use an Eyebrow Pencil or Powder to Fill in Any Sparse Areas. 

Why Does One Eyebrow Have More Hair Than The Other? 

1. It could be Genetic. 2. It could be Due to a Medical Condition Called Hypothyroidism.  3. It could be Due to Over-Plucking or Waxing.

How to fix Uneven Eyebrows Without Makeup?

Use Eyebrow Stencils. Use Clear Brow Gel to Hold The Hairs in Place & Create a More Polished Look