At This point, Kim Kardashian is one of the Biggest Names in the Fashion Industry

Kardashian has successfully carved out of her reality TV star

Today she is many things including a successful businessman, a law student & also a major fashion influencer

The Kardashians star has come a long way from her Keeping Up With the Kardashians days

The Kardashians star is always going the extra mile, putting in that one extra hour

Kim has been known to have completed brand photoshoots &  magazine cover shoots while being under the weather

It's not an easy job to stay in the public eye and receive the kind of both love and hate that Kardashian receive

From opening up her life in a 20-season reality show to becoming vocal about finding her happiness in her 40

A viral video of Kardashian showcased her bunny-hopping a flight of stair

As much as Kim's world seems like it's all perfect, the SKIMS founder does like to keep it real every now