Tom Felton Reveals His Secret Love for Emma Watson in New Memoir

Tom Felton releases his Memoir Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard

Tom Felton & Emma Watson's offscreen relationship has been a topic of discussion among Potterverse fan

The actor speaks about many things,the challenges of growing up in the spotlight, struggles with mental health

Tom opens up about his relationship with Emma, its public perception & how he has a soft spot for her

Fans have been shipping for the Duo to get together since Years under the Couple name given to them as "Dramione",

The Actor Revealed That Their True Bond is Somewhat Different

Tom also addressed how rumours surrounding his relationship with Emma went around despite the duo never admitting to the same

A moment in the promo of the special where the two shared a warm hug also went viral on social media

In terms of their relationship history, Felton was romantically involved with Jade Olivia Gordon from 2008 to 2016