‘Habbit’ a Learning Startup Raises $320K

Habbit An Interactive Online Learning Platform For New-Age Digital Skills & Hobbies.

The Two Co-Founders Created a ‘Habbit’ to Help Individuals To Upskill & to Support Existing Monetization 

'Habit' Stands out During times of Public Crisis like Pandemics & Offers them a Personal Connection

With The Right Strategy & Compelling Delivery to the Learners, this Project Will Grow high

‘Habbit’s’ Existing Courses 42 Skills Are Under 7 Categories

This new Learning Platform has Gained 5000 Plus Learners, Conducted over 400 Learning Sessions

The startup is Planning to bring learning Experience in a new age Digital Scale Introducing photography, self-care

 Using Funds to Grow their Community for their Current Users & the Members for Developing Their Project