Millie Bobby Brown Responded to a Popular fan Theory Regarding the Possible Return of Eddie Munson in Stranger Things Season 5

Millie Bobby Brown is Sharing Her candid, Honest Thoughts on Some of the Most Controversial Deaths in Stranger Thing

Fans of the Popular Series are Used to saying goodbye to their Favourite Characters from Season to Season

During the Premiere of Enola Homes 2, Millie Bobby Brown Spoke about The Most Controversial Death on  Stranger Things so far

Millie Bobby Brown Reacts to Popular Stranger Things 5 Fan Theory ft. Eddie Munson

While we're yet to get over Eddie Munson's heartbreaking death in Season 4, a popular fan theory for Stranger Things Season 5

When asked about the same, Millie Bobby Brown gave a tight-lipped response: "I mean, it's a good fan theory

Millie Bobby Brown kept away from spoiling Stranger Things Season 5. Even though Brown hopes the Duffer Brothers will bring back Papa for S5

She also Stated that she's not  That Much in the Know,  When it Comes to  The Storyline

Are you Excited about Stranger Things Season 5?  Who do you think will Die in the Final Season?