Matthew Macfadyen has proven that he's an actor par excellence with his performance on Succession

The magic of Succession lies in its writing and its casting

There's a reason why the HBO series has become one of the biggest dramas and also won deserving accolades year after year

The show has several delectable characters & among them is also Matthew Macfadyen's Tom Wambsgan

There is no one way to look at Wambsgans and hence there are moments when you feel utter pity for him

Matthew plays Tom with such surety that it feels difficult to separate him from the character

In the second season, Tom is put before Congress in order to testify about the Waystar Royco cruise scandal

The scene showcases Matthew at his absolute best as he conveys Tom's nervousness, discomfort, and stammering

One of the biggest twists for Matthew's characters happened to be at the end of Season 3

It's also the moment that will change Wambsgans' character arc significantly in the next season