A 16 year Old Prodigy Defeats The World Chess Champion

At the Age of 7, He First Won the World Youth Chess Championship 

The Chennai-Based Teenager who First Started to Learn the Sport at the Age of 5 has Now Broken all Records.

In 2022 he Created History By Defeating the World’s Number One Chess Champion, Carlsen Hailing From Norway. 

The Young Indian Teenager Won the Tournament Against the World Champion with just 39 Moves of the Black Pieces 

A careful analysis of the Game Showed that he was Looking for an Active Play from the Early Stages. 

He was Very Strategic With His Game & Gave up a Pawn For Positional Indemnification. 

His willingness to create a dynamic imblance to get an advantage showed his skills and strategic thinking. 

Pragg’s victory has lead to various prolific  sportspersons to ushere their congratulations. 

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