19 New Music Documentaries Ready to Rock your World, From Lizzo to Selena Gomez

In this documentary, Gomez Explores Topics that Include Her Lupus Diagnosis & Resulting Mental Health Challenge

Selena Gomez

The doc will Explore Her Creative Influences As Well As The Challenges of being  in the Spotlight


The Documentary delves into Issues such as Singer Temporarily losing her Voice to Lyme disease & Touches on Surreal turns in her  Personal Life

Shania Twain

Sheryl Crow's career as a back-up singer on Michael Jackson's "Bad" tour had a winding road

Sheryl Crow

George Michael wanted the world to hear his shy-chubby-kid-to-handsome-pop-idol story firsthand

George Michael

Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen arguably was more poet than musician,  In The Same way that Bob Dylan Meets that Description

Before becoming an International star, He served a two-year Prison Sentence on Drug & Weapons Charges

Lil Baby

He was the ultimate iconoclast, a man who took his unique vocal instrument and used it to reinvent rock music 

David Bowie

It's about time The Killer slayed with a documentary worthy of his seismic impact on rock 'n' roll

Jerry Lee Lewi