SCS on Transitioning License model for Sustainability

I value most the quality of staff we have built at SCS. Without them and our customers, none of the magic happens.

Software Consulting Services, LLC is a company owned by Kurt Jackson. Martha and Richard Cichellii founded it in 1975. The company’s primary aim is to engineer newspaper advertising systems to support people in sales.

Kurt Jackson speaks about his inspiration and journey

Kurt answers saying their company is all about inspiration and innovation. Their primary mission is to help customers understand creative savings and operations through better technology.

The company develops software that can be used in the newspaper publishing industry. Their revenues shrank at one point in time, and thus the market contracted. That is when it needed to find a way to sell and install their products without devaluing them.

As a legacy company, they understood that they needed to try an entirely new approach to save the company’s reputation. They had to develop a plan that could help create a viable transition roadmap. Not only for the staff and customers but also the bank. Once they had the buy, all they needed to do was execute.

When they were developing their new licensing model, A friend of Kurt was building a Creative Cloud licensing model. That is when he was convinced to create a similar model that would make the systems more effective.

How Mr. Jackson hopes to inspire other professionals

Mr. Jackson hopes that he and his company can serve as an example of how a transition can help to improve value with lower revenues. He wants to inspire people on how to tradition from a software developer to a managed service environment by utilizing the service subscription licensing.

The part of his job that he loves the most

He feels that one of the essential components of their success is that they can challenge themselves. Their staff can challenge themselves to create new products for their clients. Knowing that they fight for the different companies and organizations part of the first amendment.

One word that explains CMC

One word that Mr. Jakson used to explain his brand was ‘Different.’ He explained, saying that they have always believed in taking a path that was less traveled. While the other companies were using Windows as a server operating system, they were one of the earliest adopters of Linux.

While the enterprise systems were being deployed on big iron, they had already created a distributed processing environment utilizing powerful PCs. Their primary focus is on invention and innovation to help customers adopt efficiencies.

How CMC is different from their competitors

One of the main differences that help set CMC apart from their competitors is that they work to build more innovative products. They continually invest in innovations and services.

Kurt Jackson’s vision for the next five years

CMC has started to deploy its latest product. The Automated News Pagination, or the ANP, will be an industry game-changer. The system will allow customers to automate most of the print production.

Their intelligent algorithms will also enable users to create a full paginated news page in 5 seconds. Moving forward, this would be their flagship product as this will allow moving to micropayments for content and distributed content networks as the industry begins to create ANPs.

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Kurt Jackson shared five successful strategies for the industry


  • He believes that it is essential to be different, best, and first when inventing or building a product.
  • When five people call an idea crazy, then the chance that it will become a great success in the future.
  • It is essential to measure all the SaaS metrics and make the required adjustments
  • Transparency is necessary for all things
  • It is essential to let the employees take control occasionally.
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