OCPL’s 77th Anniversary Bash: A Stellar Night of Celebration at AQUA, The Park, Kolkata

The poolside of AQUA, The Park, Kolkata, recently transformed into a spectacle of elegance and celebration, as Overseas Corporation Pvt Ltd (OCPL), a leader in the international freight forwarding industry, marked its 77th anniversary. The event was more than a milestone; it was a vibrant declaration of OCPL’s journey, its enduring partnerships, and a future filled with promise.

The gala stood out for its unique blend of heartfelt gratitude and festive merriment. It wasn’t just about OCPL’s successes but a shared celebration with the clients and partners who have been integral to its journey. The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation and joy, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening.

Central to the event’s warmth were Mr. Vikas Porwal, OCPL’s dynamic Director, and Mrs. Shetal Porwal, whose gracious presence added a touch of personal warmth and elegance. Their combined efforts in hosting the night resonated well with the guests, making everyone feel like part of the OCPL family.

Highlighting the evening’s theme of gratitude and forward-looking optimism was Mr. Devesh Jain, OCPL’s General Manager. He extended a heartfelt thanks to the attendees, emphasizing that the night was as much about celebrating the invaluable support of OCPL’s clients as it was about the company itself. His acknowledgment of the trust placed in OCPL by its clientele underscored the deep-seated relationships that have propelled the company forward.

Amidst the backdrop of these heartfelt speeches, the event was also a musical feast, featuring performances that kept the spirit high and the atmosphere lively. Although the names of the individual performers remain behind the scenes, their contribution to the night’s success was undeniable. The music, an essential element of the celebration, created a joyful and relaxed ambiance that complemented the evening’s festivities perfectly.

Mrs. Shetal Porwal played a pivotal role in the evening, embodying the spirit of OCPL’s commitment to excellence and deep-rooted values. Her interactions with the guests added a personal touch that made the celebration all the more memorable.

As the evening unfolded, it was clear that the gala was not just about looking back at OCPL’s storied past but also about embracing the future with enthusiasm and optimism. The discussions among the guests were charged with anticipation for what’s next for OCPL, highlighting the company’s vision for innovation, customer satisfaction, and global expansion.

The 77th-anniversary celebration of OCPL was a testament to the company’s resilience, its commitment to its partners and clients, and its ambitious path forward. It was a night that underscored the importance of shared journeys and mutual successes.

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