Mira Kapoor invests in Zama Organics.

Is it true that Mira Rajput Kapoor has recently invested an undisclosed amount as a part of a recent fundraiser?


Mira Rajput has always been known to be a strong advocate for healthy and conscious choices, and this is one of the main reasons that she found that her values strongly aligned with that of Zama Organics. 


Zama Organics has become one of the most sought for organic and healthy grocer startups. The company, founded by Shriya Naheta, directly works with farmers, producers, and artisans. 


The sole purpose of the startup is to offer the best quality health and organic products from the most trusted sources. 


When Mira Rajput invested an undisclosed amount in a fundraiser, some sources said that it was for Zama Organics. But were they right?


That is when Shriya Naheta announced that they were excited to have Mira as an investor. This exposure was helping them spread the message of healthy eating and sustainable living.


Zama Organics suggests that it provides high-quality groceries, fresh fruits, and vegetables. This is how it has come out to be a CLAPS +0 organic and healthy grocery startup. 


The startup plans to expand its base along with its network on ecommerce sites. Its main aim is to scale up its operations and expand its reach in more comprehensive digital messaging. 


Mira says, “You are what you eat. It’s just a fact”. So, she believes in supporting Shriya and their cause, especially because she has been a happy customer for years now. 


Zama Organics has over 300 SKUs that range from fresh fruits and vegetables to groceries. The brand has also bagged different marquee angel investors like Ajay Kaushal and Arjun Lamba, who can help them expand their operations beyond Mumbai. 

Shriya Nadeta Wadhwa’s early life

Shriya Nadeta graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) with a degree in International Relations and Global Business in 2015. After which, she got various opportunities to travel to organic farms. This gave her a fair idea about the production of the different food articles starting from potato to exotic rice. 


But, one of the main issues that struck her was that everything was grown with chemicals. She soon realized that people had very little or no access to high-quality food products. She was determined to bridge the gap. She set her journey toward building a service that could offer consumers with access to high-quality products. 


Her love for food and the urge to offer a better and healthier alternative made her go to new extents. She spent over 1.5 years researching and learning about organic and healthy products. 


She also researched about farming and the types of products that grow in India. That is how she established Zama Org in the year 2018. The company has grown ever since and has offered thousands of customers with healthy food alternatives. 


Shriya being a certified Health Coach has also helped to add credibility to the company. So, making a certified Health Coach on the board of directors and offering high-quality products for the past few years has allowed the company to get funding from top businesses and influencers. 


Banhisikha Banerjee

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