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Managing Multiple Airbnb Properties: Tips for Scaling Your Hosting Business

Right now, everyone is looking for multiple sources of income, and running multiple Airbnb properties could be a great opportunity. But the big question is, can you scale your hosting business and stand out among all other Airbnb competitors in your area?

The truth is that there are numerous solutions for a determined investor who wants to have more than one Airbnb property. Whether you own all of the properties or sublet them, you need the right strategies to manage and scale them. Here is what you should know.

Have a Centralized Management System

Managing and scaling multiple Airbnb properties is not the easiest task to do by yourself. Every host should consider a professionally-managed centralized system. Outsourcing such management services is an easier and more affordable option than installing your own system. The system will manage the booking, cleaning, and amenities, and even advertise your properties.

Plan and Provide Guest Amenities Appropriately

Appropriate guest amenities are vital for a successful Airbnb business. With multiple properties to manage, it is important to keep an inventory of all amenities in every property and keep track of their use. This will help you know when to replenish amenities such as clean bedding and towels, toiletries, kitchen supplies, and more, or replace worn-out furniture and other items.

Work with a Professional and Reputable Cleaning Company

Cleaning is also another important consideration when managing multiple properties. The easiest way to ensure that all properties are cleaned professionally and timely is to work with a professional cleaning company. They also maintain your properties with high standards so that guests are happy and satisfied all the time.

Invest in Airbnb Property Advertisement and Promotions

When managing multiple Airbnb properties, you definitely want to increase the occupancy rate as much as possible. Therefore, ensure that you market and promote your properties on all possible platforms including social media pages and property listing websites. Direct marketing such as email and text marketing will also work, especially if you have a defined audience. For hosts with many properties, it is good to seek the services of a professional marketing and advertisement company.

Harmonize and Standardize the Accommodation Fees

Most clients are attracted by competitive Airbnb accommodation rates that provide value for money. When managing multiple properties, hosts should harmonize and standardize their rates, especially if the properties offer the same experience. There could be slight differences depending on the region and other factors, but it is good to have harmony so that a guest can enjoy your properties in different regions without feeling the difference.

Remain Legal and Insurance Compliant

The more the properties you have, the more the risk you carry. Therefore, ensure that all properties are fully insured according to the requirements. Additional legal compliance is also very important to avoid a lot of challenges when managing multiple Airbnb properties. Many hosts prefer to work with a consultant who understands all of this to avoid missing anything important.

Final Words

All of these insights are important when managing multiple Airbnb properties. The best thing is that they are simple to achieve when you plan well. Whether you prefer to do it by yourself or seek the services of Airbnb property managers, ensure that all of them are followed for a great success.

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