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4 Fundamental Subdomains of Technical Translation

Accurate technical translation is significant for running operations in the global market. Going global is not easy and requires quality translation. The language of science, engineering, and manufacturing is very technical. That is why technical documents require impeccable accuracy. Without a proper understanding of the subject matter, even skilled translators and linguists fail to excel in the task.

This further initiates a conversation about how to be sure that your documents will get a quality translation. Technical translation services hence, ask for translation companies who are not only proficient in both languages but also have a clear understanding of the process and the expectations of the users and readers. It is also mandatory that the business owners and people involved in the technical translation are also there for the translation. They need to have an in-depth understanding of technical content and the complexities of translation. Furthermore, they need to be aware of the challenges that they might have to face during the process.

Technical translation

Technical content and translation are extremely particular and specialized. These range from different fields of science, software, medical data sheets, engineering, and beyond. It is more than a conversion of text from one language to another.

Therefore, a good and expert technical translator who works on technical documents should

  • Have an in-detail understanding of the intricate subject matter and with proven experience in the industry.
  • Also understands the terminology and vocabulary of the company.
  • An expert in the culture of the target language, communicating the translated text in a natural and culturally appropriate way.

When do you require technical translation?

All businesses whenever plan to go overseas have to opt for translation, it also includes business translation services. During the process of expansion whenever there is content with complex and industry-specific terminology. So, it gets inevitable to take help from a specialist language partner who has experience in technical translation. Companies often get stuck on the type of content for which they have to seek translation solutions. 

In order to make it clear for the businesses and the entrepreneurs there is a list of documents that require technical translation solutions.

  • Patent translation

There are particular legal and practical restrictions for the patents and the authorities have to follow those for technical and engineering translation services. The translation of patents is complex and asks for linguists who have subject matter expertise and the right skills in the documents. This subject might be related to the medical, chemical or mechanical, and pharmaceutical categories. The official authorities expect a translation without complexity and have a clear understanding of the text and they also have to decide the category of the text.

  • User manual translation

User manuals which apparently sound simple and not so hectic are actually quite technical. These are the most popular types of documents that require technical translation. The translators required for this should not only be good at their craft but should have industry experience too. Moreover, proven experience in manuals, and guides, is mandatory to execute the right style in accordance with cultural factors. Cultural factors are vital to consider and overlooking cultural appropriateness can lead to controversies and conflicts.

As per the article by the American translation association, the technical manuals should come with an objective tone that should be without any sign of author or subjectivity. Therefore, achieving this level of accuracy in the content requires someone who is perfect in the skill.

Moreover, the translator not only needs to understand the correct terminology but should also be good at telecommunication translation services because these are also super technical. The translator’s familiarity with the industry terminology, its proper use and placement in the manual as well as adjusting it considering the norms of the target language. In order to help through this the translation partner should work on a glossary that is kept up to date with the project and help with the translation.

  • Software strings

Professional business translation services as well as software translation, all of these are complex and technical. When the process of translation is carried out for the software, there are software strings that require translation for that matter. This problem occurs during the translation and localization of software strings of user interfaces. The user interfaces could be in a simple language, yet the translator has to be vigilant about handling the strings that the program is interpreting. They should also be aware of the terminology and expectations required by software strings in the target language. Localization of software, apps, and e-learning programs requires someone who has proficiency in technical knowledge.

  • Health and safety documents

A technical and telecommunication translation company needs to realize the need for technical content translation in the health and safety sector too. Thus the company should have translators from medical backgrounds who can attempt a medical translation. Health and safety content contains a lot of specific terminologies and failing to take care of the sensitivity of the medical content can be dangerous for the user.

Therefore, once again the skilled linguist with relevant experience should be hired for the job.


Technical translation covers a broad range of complex content. It includes text coming from diverse industries to translate for foreign business associates and target markets. The type of technical content includes patent translation, user manuals, software strings, and health and safety documents.

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